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The river Cauvery originates at Talacauvery in Kodagu. According to a legend,Cauvery makes her appearance once a year in the form of a bubbling spring.


On Tulasankramana day (October 17th) thousands of pilgrims flock to the river's birthplace to witness water gushing up from the spring at a pre-determined moment. It is said that a bath in the bubbling water on the sacred occasion gives long-lasting physical and spiritual benefits

Our Homestay is Close To the best treking spots in CoorgCharambane is a good option and just 25 kms from our homestay in Madikeri.

Spend some time here because the views are truly worth it. From easy to arduous treks, Coorg has varying trails for all kinds of adventure seeker. The best season to plan treks in Coorg is December to May. The three main mountain peaks in Coorg for trekking are Brahmagiri, Pushpagiri and Tadiandamol. You can trek alone or with a guide. Organisations like Coorg Adventure Club (CAC) organise trekking expeditions from time to time and can arrange the necessary facilities for the interested trekkers. The experience has it all: thick forests, sloping hills, waterfalls, incredible views of this area dubbed "Scotland of the East"...

Harangi dam with a length of 846 meters and a height of 47 meters is constructed across a small stream in the forest of Dubare across the offshoot of river Kaveri close to Kushalnagar. One can access its beauty when the reservoir is fully filled with water during the monsoon period, primarily in the months August and September.

It is quiet, devoid of any people or noise - beauty of calm and gentle breeze are the valued treasures one can enjoy here. Usually there were only a handful of tourists moving around this place. Guest house facilities are available for tourists looking for settling calmly for a night on reservation from the public works department..

Dubare is a forest area, amidst the thriving greenery of Coorg on the banks of river Kaveri, where in an elephant training camp of the Forest Department of Coorg is present. This area is populated by the Kurbas, the local tribals Visitors can spend hours watching elephants and learning a great deal about them. During the period of Maharaja of Mysore, the Dubare reserve forest was used to train the elephants for the impressive Mysore Dussehra festival. Pretty backwaters with some small islands here and there and thick forest on the banks offers Dubare the well deserved spot as a tourist paradise. One can do boating or go for elephant rides to experience the marvelous offers made by Dubare.


Imagine gliding over the hills, valleys, coffee plantations, paddy fields, brooks and rivers, forests and grasslands the spectacular view of mother earth from 5000 ft.


One of the wildest fantasies that man has had since always is to fly freely like a bird in the limitless, boundless sky. Man being limited in this capacity has never been able to make this dream come true. The flights range from economical short introductory flights to much longer daylong flights. View the majestic brahmagiri range from the air and in a few minutes track the path of the river Cauvery. Fly over plantation hils to view the paddy valleys beyond. We can also have planned routes in advance for those who are particularly keen on seeing the beauty of Coorg from up above. And you can be rest assured of the equipments used, trainers skillset and experience and safety measures.

Abbi' in coorgie means a waterfall .A waterfall you don't want to miss. The British called it the Jessie waterfalls in memory of Jessie the daughter of Madikeri's first captain. Abby cascades 70 ft down to flow as a small river .The falls appear suddenly, the water cascading over rocks into calm pools. A path through coffee and cardamom plantation off the main road adds to the attraction of the falls. Enjoy the gushing, roaring beauty but a desire to take a dip in the cool waters may prove to be risky.